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Rules, Help, & FAQ
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Underage Littles, Teenagers, …
by Admin
11 months ago
Parents Section
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I want my child off of this s…
by Admin
8 months ago
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Let us know a little bit about you.
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hewwooo! >w<
by sweetheart2947
5 days ago
General Caregiver & Little Discussions
General conversations about the CGL community, sharing experiences, exchanging advice, and answering your basic questions.
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Re: Sometimes when I am littl…
by JummyBlueeee
1 week ago
Littlespace & Regression
Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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tips on how to stop being so …
by lilkiddo
1 week ago
Partner Parenting & Caregiving
Discussing effective and healthy partner parenting, caregiving tips, experiences, and finding fulfillment in responsibility
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Re: How to know
by smolbby05
1 month ago
Diapers, Incontinence, & Bedwetting
Opening up about personal interest in diapers or bodily issues being faced that involve needing to wear diapers.
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Re: I need advice!
by lilkiddo
5 days ago
Relationships & Friendships
Conversing about relationship dynamics within the CGL community, finding love, starting romance, and building friendships in and out of the direct community. No relationship searches here!
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by Smolsoftboyo
1 week ago
CGL Self Discoveries, Acceptance, & Coming Out
Share your journey in discovering yourself, personal self-acceptance, peer-acceptance, and/or making the decision to come out of the toy box to friends and/or family
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friends found out im a little
by babymode
5 days ago
A Little Fun
Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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Re: What Littlegear do you ha…
by allfinchedup
1 day ago
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School, work, family, hobbies. Everything not related to CGL is up for discussion.
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I'm overthinking D:
by lovelykitty
5 days ago
LGBTQ+ Community
Sexual identities, pronouns, acceptance, activism. Any topic pertaining to LGBTQ+ can be discussed here.
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Re: ME♡
by LeilaAddison
3 weeks ago
Mental & Physical Health
Therapy, counseling, diagnosis, exercise, eating habits, weightloss, weightgain. Anything related to the health of your body or mind is welcome.
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Re: i have a question
by Admin
1 month ago

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i have !!!! so many stuffies !!!!!!!! so many !!!![…]

friends found out im a little

I live with my cousin, my boyfriend, and two close[…]

I need advice!

If you're worried about anyone finding out, I'd pr[…]

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