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Let us know a little bit about you.
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H-hewwo I'm Mandy
by Mandychan
11 hours ago
General Caregiver & Little Discussions
General conversations about the CGL community, sharing experiences, exchanging advice, and answering your basic questions.
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Daddy's getting mad
by sabby
17 hours ago
Littlespace & Regression
Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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Re: I don't go into 'little s…
by AzureAndVanilla
12 hours ago
Partner Parenting & Caregiving
Discussing effective and healthy partner parenting, caregiving tips, experiences, and finding fulfillment in responsibility
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Re: Mummy talk
by booksnstuff
1 week ago
Diapers, Incontinence, & Bedwetting
Opening up about personal interest in diapers or bodily issues being faced that involve needing to wear diapers.
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Re: Do you like the idea of w…
by Littlekitten16
2 weeks ago
Relationships & Friendships
Conversing about relationship dynamics within the CGL community, finding love, starting romance, and building friendships in and out of the direct community. No relationship searches here!
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Re: Do you have friends in re…
by Winterpop
4 weeks ago
CGL Self Discoveries, Acceptance, & Coming Out
Share your journey in discovering yourself, personal self-acceptance, peer-acceptance, and/or making the decision to come out of the toy box to friends and/or family
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Re: Do people in real life kn…
by Elli
1 week ago
A Little Fun
Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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Re: If you had one wish...
by BlueBeanie
1 day ago
I don't go into 'little space'

Everybody experiences regression in different ways[…]

Daddy's getting mad

My daddy is getting mad because he says that I am […]

No more Daddy :(

you should also make sure you are drinking water a[…]

If you had one wish...

If I had one wish it is to be a mermaid so can mee[…]