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Hi Im new!
Ill go by Bun for now I might one day say my name on here but for now I only tell friends

I like pastel things, bunnies!, unicorns, and dragons

I just got my first pacis and I love them and will guard with my life

I watch anime cause Im a LITTLE{badum tsk} trash, I have a tooooon of anime plushes! and I love to cosplay

I lovveee bunnies
too much lol

Currently my cuddle stuffie is King the bunny! I imagine him sounding like Elvis, and I slightly got it from Fallout New Vegas

I absoloutely love playing from the the Fallout series, but I also love seeing playthroughs of other games such as DBH, Sallyface, and Undertale, and of course many more I either want to play one day or have played

But if anyone wants to chat and make friends, thatd be pretty nifty! This is just a LITTLE{badum tsk} about me!

Yes Im a dork square up :P
What are some songs that make you feel little?

Disney songs are good forgetting into littlespace,[…]

Talking to daddy

Thanks :)


What kind of sippy cups do you like?

np I hope you find and get a good one!