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So hi, you probably read the title so you know what's good. I'll go by puddles for the time being and tell y'all some stuff about myself.

I've been a lurker in the community for a fair few years now, not quite sure what I plan on doing here but I figure I'm open to interacting more directly with people I can share this part of myself with.

I'm mostly a DL, dabbled in TB stuff and can say I'm open to it but haven't really had much chance to explore in great depth so far.

Outside of diapers (though I try to avoid such a state whenever possible (・ω<)☆) I can say my hobbies include gaming (retro stuff especially, I've actually been collecting a bunch of Nintendo stuff from the SNES-era onwards for the past few months) and writing on the side (not anything I care to upload anywhere, but I enjoy it so that's all that really matters.)

So that's me. Hope to make friends with some of y'all ⊂(・ω・*⊂
What are some songs that make you feel little?

Disney songs are good forgetting into littlespace,[…]

Talking to daddy

Thanks :)


What kind of sippy cups do you like?

np I hope you find and get a good one!