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By Alicechan
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I'm Alice (not real name tho) and I just discovered this CG/L world. I think maybe I can be a little, but I'm not sure. I like animes, drawing, watching series (love that ones with investigation and mistery) and YouTube videos. I also research a lot about almost anything. Oh, and I also like very much j-fashion, specially lolita, I have some clothes.

I'm studying to be a teacher, but I don't really see some special thing for my future, I'm still figuring it out. I'm Brazilian.

I don't know how much to say about my experiences because I don't want to overshare, sometimes I lack notion about this and talk too much. I struggled a lot with depression for some years and this year I was diagnosed with ADHD. I feel like this messed up with a lot of my life.

I'm always trying to improve my English, so everybody can feel comfortable to correct anything that I write, even if you understood what I said. I think one of my goals is beome fluent in as many languages as I can.

I think that's about it ^^"

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