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Hewooo! I ish Kotaaa! I ish 13 years old, I wuv Daniel Tigew, Wild Kwats, Caillou, And Winnie da Pooh. I have tons of stuffies and one of der names is Mr. Snuggles, he ish a unicorn and he ish married to dis other stuffie named Mrs. Cuddlessss! She’s a sheepy sheeep! I have a paci and I’m pwanning to get mowe pacis soon! I nuh have caregiver, but my fren is similar to a carer but she nuh my carer, She nuh even know I ish a widdle. I likes stwabewies, gwapes, banana baby food, Plain Cheerios, goldfishie crackers, and animal crackers! I likes to color in widdle space! I bewieve my widdle age is 0-4. I ish a very smol bean. *giggles* Sooo I gots to go nowww! Byebye my Lil Lovies!
Hewo Kota!! I wuvs Wild Kwatts and Caillou too *giggles*
I only has a few stuffies, but I loves dem all!! Gwapes and goldfishies are vewie goods. I love dems very much. Whats chu favouwite thing to colour?
Hewwo dere. *rubs sleepy eyes* How many stuffies do chu has? I wuv stuffies a wot.

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