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By LittleKpopLover
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HI! I'm Nya (not my real name)
I love drawing, reading, art, and music.

I know I'm a little but I can't go into littlespace and I don't know exactly why I can't maybe because I'm afraid of what my family and friends are going to say or how they are going to react but they don't exactly know about me or this site and they also don't know that I have anxiety but on to the important stuff.

First of all I don't have a CG because I'm still under age and the sad part about it is that I don't have things to go into littlespace, my parents don't know about me being a little neither do my older sisters and I'm the youngest out of my sisters and me, also I'm christian so being a little is probably bad but yeah, and none of my friends and family probably don't know about littlespace but that's ok :smile: :cry: No one I know is a little but I except that I'm on my own here.
Anyways I'm on here because I really want to meet new people and make new friends! :smile:
I don't go into 'little space'

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