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By LilMonster
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My name is Lil Monster but y'all can call me Jade. I'm a mommy to a little boy (platonically) and this is my first time being a caregiver! I joined this site to get advice on how to care for my little and to support other cgls and Little's as much as I can.

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By TheWeirdRavenclaw
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Im TheWeirdRavenclaw (not gonna share my name) im a little girl, any ddlg relationship i have been in was not sexual in any way. i dont do anything sexual with partners until im legal unless its kisses, neck kisses, or simple things like that.
I really like to color in little space and out, i wanna be a photographer.
Hoi! I seem to be into photography as well. My DeviantArt is full of it. I wish I had advice for the both of you, but sadly I don't. Sorry!
I don't go into 'little space'

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