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  • Middle:

    Regressors who identify as middles find that they have interests more developed than basic cartoons, passive activities, and structure designed for young children. They may be more interested in classic video games, cartoons with more developed plots and characters, dolls and action figures, going on pretend adventures, take on more extensive forms of crafting or hobbying, and have more confidence and independence than younger littles. They may need less guidance but likely still seek reassurance. So, middles often have more independence than a person identifying as a little, but do prefer the support of a Caregiver as they seek personal acceptance.
    • Middles primarily identify as a regressive age-range between ten and thirteen. (mentally 10 years to 13 years old; give or take approximately a year)
A good way to help determine your regressive age is to make a list of all of the "little" things, activities, movies, shows, etc. you really enjoy. Then search on Google for the targeted age-range of those things. For example, if you really, really love and get into the show Barney then you would go to google and type in something like: Barney target age. After you've completed this list you should be able to see some indicator of an approximate regressive age for yourself.

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