Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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I remember reading about it in my researchs about the little community and a while ago, it said a pacifier can only be harmful for an adult or teenager if you spend too much time per day, or keeps on a long period (like months or years), using an actual child paci instead of an adult one, because it is too small for your mouth.

Btw, I've been using a child pacifier for around of 8 months and my teeth are just fine hahaha, not sure of how accurate this information is even though it makes sense. I'll do a new research about it.
I searched a bit more and this is correct, it only does damage if too small and overused. It seems to be the same thing for overbite, your teeth alignment is already well structured and a pacifier doesn't have strenght to change it.

Buuut if you use braces, it makes much more easier for a pacifier to do some damage, because your teeth are already moving. Otherwise, just take a break if your jaw start hurting and everything will be fine

Hope this helps!

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