Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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I don't feel like I really get into a Littlespace. I just feel like I can turn my 'littleness' on and off at will. Of course, I haven't been able to try and get into little space, but it's jyst all so confusing for me.
Everybody experiences regression in different ways.

There are two basic things to be aware of when it comes to identifying as a Little and being in Littlespace:

1. Little is a personality trait.
2. Littlespace is the expression of being a Little, to include feelings, gestures, thoughts, actions.

Some people experience Littlespace in bursts as a magical mindset full of flowers and glitter, while others simply include the mindset in their day-to-day, in a more moderate but constant way.

We believe that there are Littles, such as ourselves, that can modulate the depth of their regression at-will. Example, while we hold a career in a very professional setting and having an office job, we choose to be silly and goofy most of the time because that is simply who we are and how we express our Littlespace. Our regression age is very young (0-8 months), so things like babbling and drooling and sucking on pacifiers are out of the question. However, our upbeat and bubbly personality is constant.

Littlespace isn’t about literally achieving the mindset of a biological child. That is impossible to achieve unless you have a severe mental illness, in which case it can’t be classified as Littlespace. Littlespace is more a state of relaxation or exhilaration, akin to what children experience but also taking into account and compromising the growth you have already experienced.

Our suggestion to you: just relax! If you ever feel like you want to be extra Little, and have the space and the setting for it, go for it! Otherwise it’s okay not to be in Littlespace. It is very personal and as long as it makes you happy and it is healthy for you, enjoy!
What are some songs that make you feel little?

Disney songs are good forgetting into littlespace,[…]

Talking to daddy

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What kind of sippy cups do you like?

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