Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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Right now I have 2 coloring books, hehe. They’re “adult” coloring books, but I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind if I were to get childish coloring books. One has a bunch of flowers and another is a dreamscapes one. I’m planning on finishing these and getting more since they’re so fun and make me feel little.
Do you color? And what coloring books do you like the most?
Ive got a melanie martinez coloring book somewhere that I love but havent used in a while cause I lost it :crying:
Is also wants more though! a super hero coloring book would be great! I also want a kitty coloring book and animal in general one! OOOO And Id love love loooooove a coloring book with all sorts of mystical creatures! I usually draw when I get the time so I dont get many coloring books, but Id love love looooove more coloring books for when Im littlespacing! :P
Caregiver or little?

Wittle ^~^

How to know

i wouldn't have any experience with this, because […]

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