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I have anxiety and a stress disorder I also have low self esteem

Would a cg still want me if I'm just under obese

Because I don't think anyone can love me cause of how I look
I didnt finish that my cat made me post it sorry

I bet you look amazing, it doesnt matter how much you weigh, youre still beautiful, you are a unique person with your own unique personality, your cg will love you because you are YOU, even the things you dont like about yourself theyll love because they’ll love you just because youre YOU, and no one can replace you, ever. There is a CG out there for you, a CG that wants you and will love you unconditionally. Youre weight doesnt matter because either way youre beautiful and people are out there that love and admire you, and I promise they wont even care about your weight, theyll care about YOU
Of course ull find a cg ya some are meanys and will be all weird, but the right one for you won’t care about that, and will heal you through the panic attacks and everything. But besides that any ch would be lucky to have you and I hope someday I will come to understand that
Caregiver or little?

Wittle ^~^

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