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By jeoannie
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so i've been dealing with depression and anxiety for a while now and only a few months ago i became a little.

by the way, im not a little like others, it's more like i become more sensitive and childlike, as a little usually acts.

the thing is, yesterday i had a panic attack, which was my first, and straight after i had calmed down i began regressing, but since i was at school i tried to stop it which worked.

and then today i had a mini attack and then i wanted strawberries and hugs and to touch soft hair which are my triggers.

does this mean being a little is sort of calming me down after a stressful sitch?
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By Admin
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Regression can absolutely feel therapeutic and feel like it's a way to de-stress or relax. It is not safe to try to believe regression can take the place of therapy. Regression is not therapy. Please talk with your counselor about depression, anxiety, and, especially, panic attacks you are experiencing. It is very important that you seek a professional opinion, insight, and assistance and not fall into believing that the regression will just magically make everything better. Ignoring the underlying issues or distracting yourself from those things have real, serious consequences that can carry throughout your entire lifetime. Please do not neglect your own well-being. You deserve to be able to talk with someone professional who can actually help you find ways to not only cope with but actually resolve the issues you are facing.

Just because something feels therapeutic does not mean it can stand in place of medically documented methods of professional therapy. Something can feel therapeutic but not actually be therapy. Regression should never be an excuse to not seek help from someone who has been educated to help these sorts of issues so please do not accidentally fall into that line of thinking.

jeoannie wrote: 3 weeks ago by the way, im not a little like others, it's more like i become more sensitive and childlike, as a little usually acts.

Just so that you are aware, most people who are regressors by personality (and not putting on a show, playing a part, roleplaying, acting, or trying to use 'regression' as something it isn't) generally are more sensitive and childlike. So, this part sounds absolutely like a typical trait of a regressive person's personality. I understand that you're young and you are still learning, but I just wanted to leave the comment that you are not abnormal, atypical, or different when compared to most other genuine littles. :-)

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