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Hi, my names Zara but u can call me Zaru. ummmmmmm........I is fat and not very pretty.....I has a questions............if u not skinny and pretty like Victoria secret models do u not be able to find a daddy or partner..............because daddy's only like having pretty girls as their little no? I is alone and no one no i's a little so I no have anyone to talk to......but i's like if someone could tells me.......tank Chu :-D
Hmm great question. I saw a lot of guys who wanted to be a daddy, and they always tried getting near the prettiest girls, it made me a bit annoyed too because I'm also chubby and I'm not very pretty, but being honest, I don't think that a daddy who chooses his little by appearance is a good daddy at all.
Please don't say that. You shouldn't talk down to your self like that. I'm sure you are beautiful on the inside and out. I understand that it's hard when you see guys over looking you for the " prettier " girls but you have to remember that you have so much to offer to the world and your future partner. If you try your best at life that is all anyone could ever ask for. Just remember that you are important and that you matter.
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