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hi. i'm little about 80% of the time. meaning most of the time when my girlfriend calls, i'm in littlespace. she doesn't know i'm a little and i don't want her to think i'm weird.
there are three ways telling her could go.
1. she could think i'm totally weird and break up with me
2. she could be accepting but still iffy about it
3. she could be 100% accepting and maybe even offer to be my mommy

i don't know if i have the courage to tell her.

This can be really hard. But for the good of both of u and to stay in a healthy relationship you should tell her. Yes I may break up, but it will most likely be best in the long run. U need someone who can accept u for who u are completely. Not just parts of u. I know it is really scary but we all have ur back remember that ok?

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