Share your journey in discovering yourself, personal self-acceptance, peer-acceptance, and/or making the decision to come out of the toy box to friends and/or family
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Are there things you like to use or play with when you're feeling little that you hide from your family members? What are the items and why do you think they won't accept them as being okay?
I personally don't think that I have to hide anything from my friends or family. And it's not because they necessarily know or suspect that I'm a little or anything, it's just that I'm already on the more childish side. However, I don't bring things like stuffed animals or colouring books out into our living room and watch cartoons there because that would be involving other people that I wouldn't necessarily have consent from, so I make my bedroom my safe place where I can be as childlike as I want to be. But there ARE ways to be in touch with your little side in public.
I use my sippy cups out in the open because my family just thinks I like them lol. I’ve always been close w my stuffed animals and stuff but I NEVER use my paci around anyone else. My room or my hideout is where I can fully be little. Thankfully everything mostly adds up to me just being childish at heart.
My family is kinda poor so I don't have my own room to make a safe space, I can't buy things on my own, and I'm always being watched.
There's a whole concept of "you don't need to hide anything from us" that goes on in my home as a pretext to watch over me. For them, I have to be smart, focused and responsible all the hotdiggitydang time 'cause I'm "getting older". I would try and talk with them but my sister already told openly that she thinks being a little is a mental illness. It's either double-life or the psychiatrist.
Even if my family consists in just my mom and my sister, being a little under these conditions is hard and I have to be EXTREMELY careful if I want to keep my double life. I have more freedom at school, where my caregiver and my other 2-3 friends who knows I'm a little take care of me. My CG in special is extremely supportive and thinks it's unfair having to hide who I am all the time, and I want to agree with her, but I also understand my family, since we don't have any relatives, all we have is each other, so it's natural that they will keep an eye on the youngest member.
*sigh* I know that being a little is supposed to be enjoyable but sometimes is just a pain.
My family doesn't know about my regression, but I have a few little items that make me feel happy.. Because of this, I hide my little items just about everywhere that they'd normally be.. So like, I have a few little outfits and I just put them with my clothes because they look like something I'd wear anyway. I have a sippy cup, and I hide that in my junk drawer bc my mom knows that everything I don't really use much is in there.
Only one person in my family knows about my regression somewhat and there are things that i hide still like my sippy cups . I'm new to all of this so the embarrassment is very present so I don't ask her to pick up anything other than like stickers or something like that.
I always have to keep my little-ness a secret such as my pacis and my rules from my daddies ((i have one daddy who is my boyfriend and i have another one who is my caregiver at school when my other daddy can't be my daddy for me since he lives in Australia)) My parents hate ddlg so I'm always scared of showing any sign that I'm still actually into it TwT
Ye, I kind of do.
I've always been attached to my stuffies, and my favourite blanket. But when I'm little, I don't cart them around like I'd love to do, simply because--while my parents blame most of the things I do while in my littlespace on the fact that I've always been fairly childish--they don't accept, agree with, or understand littlespace, so I'd have to try to worm my way out of the questions they'd ask if they saw me carrying around stuffies or my blanket.
My children's colouring books, I colour in whenever I feel like it, but only in my bedroom, because my parents don't care if I use them, and still get them for me, but they specifically said that I'm only to use them when I'm in my room, cause they don't want to see me being that childish.
My cartoons and Disney movies, I watch them whenever I'd like, but only in my room, for the same reason as the colouring books.
Now, my pacifier, sippy cup, and tea set?
That's an entirely different story.
Those are hidden. My old caregiver and her girlfriend got them for me before they got married and moved away. If my parents caught me with them, they'd throw all the things I treasure as a little into the garbage, and they'd make careful sure not to let me ever act little again.
I had a baby bottle that I hid from my family and friends but one day one of my friends found it and I played it off as my niece's...since then I've kept no little gear other than my blankie and stuffies.
My sippy? nah my mom just thinks its cause I need a smaller bottle so I dont drink to much water and I was bopping to sippy cup by melanie martinez ;-)

Stuffies? oh hecks to the no, my mom k n o w s I love stuffed animals, we share a room and I make sure all my cuddle stuffies are on the bed because I dont want to hurt any of their feelings, she just thinks its apart of me, which it is :P

Pacis? HELL YES I hide them, I guard them with my life and will never leave them behind. If mom found them itd be literal proof of me being a little, I personally am just uncomfy with coming out to her as a little, I dont want her to feel bad or doubt her parenting, or blame herself, Im sure if I told her I just like acting more childish sometimes because those things give me comfort I could try to explain it in a way she’d understand
I even dated a little before and she was confused but accepting because at the time I really had strong feelings for the the girl
but she doesnt know that Im a switch, which means I littlespace too, Im sure she has some idea by how childish I act sometimes, and it probably wouldnt make much difference other than a serious talk about it
but shes also a ticking timebomb, I dont want to take the risk of her getting mad, because she doesnt understand she just yells and tries hurting my feelings, then I try to apologize and come to an understanding and she yells at me more and thats just a big mess I dont wanna risk getting into so I hide my pacis :-(

little outfits? nah Im a pastel lover so I play it off like that and mom really doesnt care what I wear

so far its just my pacis and my ‘Little One’ headband my friend made for my because thats also concrete evidence

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