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By LittleNana
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Im from a place where people dont accept things very well since they only aceept what they think is nomarl for life so for the 3 years that i knew i was little I felt like I was a outcast in this big world. Then one day at work I was in little space talking to my friend and I was getting cranky . So she asked me if i wanted a stuffie and a paci. at frist I thought i heard her wrong but she pulled out a small bag full of little things. so i asked if she was a little and she said yeah but dont tell anyone becuase i will be teased. I told her see can trust me cuz us little have to stick together and since i found this site and found thta my freinds is a little im starting to feel more aceepted as a little in this big worlds becuase i now know that there are others out there just like me.
I don't have any real life friends who are littles and I felt so alone and like there's no one I could talk to about little stuff or be accepted by until I found this site so I get it. I'd just remind myself if people found out who I really am and can't accept it then they are not worth it.

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