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I’m very very close to my friends. We all try to be as honest as possible with each other no matter what. But littlespace is hard to explain to someone who has no idea about it. My friends only kind of know what it is because I’ve brought it up a few times. The times that I’ve brought it up, I had to agree with them thinking it’s weird. They mostly see it as a k!nk which I completely understand since they’re outsiders to the idea. Now I know you’re probably thinking “Just don’t tell them” but the problem is, I’ve gotten so close to slipping when I talk to them especially my best friend. She’s so caring and nice that it makes me just want to be little. But I know that I can’t. I really want to tell them so that I can be comfortable when I’m at their houses but I’m almost positive that they’ll stop talking to me even if I explain what it is and why I do it. I do it because of trauma and I’m scared that they’ll get really mad and I’ll feel unsafe when I’m little. I don’t want to hate little me but I also want to tell them.
I understand. My friends don't know either. I told one yesterday and it went really well. Maybe tell the one who will be most accepting and is most trustworthy first. If they don't accept you there aren't worth it. This is who you are. I know it's hard but maybe just slowly tell one by one and explain to them that it's not just a k!nk. I'm not very good with words or helping but I hope this helped a bit :/
There's a few things here:

1. Just because you are a little and come out to someone as being a little doesn't mean you should force them into allowing you to fully regress in front of them and expect them to feel it's okay. Even if they accept that you are a little it doesn't give you a free ticket to expose them to all of your littleness. You should still act reserved and respectfully.

So, when you go to your friends' houses you shouldn't act any differently or expect them to treat you differently. That is unfair to push them into accepting new behaviors that you've hidden from them. They are still your friends and should not be pushed into being more or being exposed to something that may may you feel fulfilled but may make them feel evens lightly uncomfortable or confused.

Respect is so, so, SO important.
Remember, you can accidentally be disrespectful so you need to be extra mindful to be actively respectful. Maybe you don't have intentions to disrespect them but you might accidentally do that if you expect them to treat you ANY differently than they currently do (and that means wanting them to let you "be little" around them).

2. Reacting in a defensive way by saying, "It's not this and it's not that!" causes people to think more about those negative points that you are wanting to avoid. Instead, your best course of action is talking about what it is and what it means for you. Avoid saying, "It's not a k!nk!" or, "It's not sexual!" and focus more on how you feel during your regression and what is actually important about it for you. Don't talk about what it ISN'T, talk about what it IS!

Address questions about k!nk or sexual or whatever as they are asked directly of you and answer them point-blank. Don't get defensive!
"But isn't it a k!nk?"
"No, I don't have any sexual feelings like that in relation to being little."
You don't need to work to "convince" them. You don't need to get upset or be defensive over it. You don't need to fight them on what they do and don't understand. Just be direct, straight to the point, honest about YOU and let it be that.

Remember, you don't need to educate them about what it isn't or about the entire, whole, giant community that they don't know about. You're just telling them about YOU and who you are.

3. The little personality trait often means that your friends have seen you do smaller, regressive things already in front of them in a very acceptable way with no attached expectation on their part. What I mean is, a lot of littles find that they do things differently than their peers. Their peers, obviously, do see them do these smaller things perhaps more childishly and accept these differences as being okay.
This is a really important point to use when explaining what being little means because you can help who you're telling understand that when they say you do something silly and different it was because of this personality type you have.

"Do you remember when everyone was ____ and I was silly and accidentally ____ instead? It was like 'a little moment' for me. I didn't realize that I was acting like a kid at the time when everyone else was acting more our age."

"You know how I have that habit of ____? And everyone always thinks it's silly and laughs or gives me strange looks because it's different? It's times like that where I'm feeling more little and accidentally falling into expressing it."

4. Bleeding into point #3 and also tying to point don't need to tell your friends about "littlespace" or "regressing" to have them accept and love you for who you are. Again, they've probably seen you do little things every now and again anyway and, obviously, are still your friends. Tying a label to your actions might be too much and might make them feel like you're wanting them to treat you differently (which is really not an okay thing to expect, ever, when coming out to somebody). Sometimes putting a label on something or someone suddenly makes other people uncomfortable or feel like things just got complicated. Sometimes it's better to not tell them the label and just let them be friends with you, however you express yourself in front of them, and worry about labels for when it actually, really matters (like, when you're dating someone and you want to ask them if they would be interested in learning more about the community with you).

Giving yourself a label to be referred to as doesn't change who you are but it changes the way your friends have to refer to you--and that might mean it feels unnecessarily complicated to them and they react negatively to having to use a label now.

5. Here is the basic guide to help you with figuring out how to come out to somebody and it covers most of the other important parts:

You need to read through that a few times.
I didnt mean for it to come off as though I’d force them to accept it. I understand that respect is important and I’d only regress near them if they were okay with it. While I want to be little in front of them, I also really just want them to know about it because again, we’re really close. I would never do something that they’d be uncomfortable with because they’re my favorite people in the whole world.
I i i i i i i i i help!! I i i will i will i hlp you! Unm i u i h ahm, sit sit sit down and be seris w dem ao dey no yore serus a n. One at a time sit down withthem so they know youre serius and explain to thhem sorry i lost my train of thought little me is confusing bilut i hug
I know how you feel. I also have no idea how to tell my friends I'm a little. They have no idea what it is, so I'm scared of what their reactions will be. There are countless times I felt like dropping when we hung out together. Especially around this one girl. She's so nice and gentle. Her aura(?) around her just made me want to drop down on the floor and start crying. I don't necessarily think she would be against it, but there are times when my voice unintentionally gets higher, and I start acting, well, little. At those times she makes awkward faces, but says nothing about it. Nobody in my school knows about age regression and little space. So I don't know ANYONE I could tell. It's getting harder and harder to keep it secret...
Gosh this is exactly how I feel. But now the friends I did have at the time of posting this, left for personal reasons. However, I have a few little friends and they help me through everything. It’s really nice to not have to explain much about it.
I absolutely know what you mean. I friggin hate keeping myself from being able to become little especially when I’m with my mommy and friends. My whole family is really judgmental so I don’t really know how to explain something to dem when dey will wook at me lik I silly. I gave a bestest frend but I don’t know how she wil react...

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