Share your journey in discovering yourself, personal self-acceptance, peer-acceptance, and/or making the decision to come out of the toy box to friends and/or family
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i want to come out to people at my school, my parents, my siblings, and my crush but i'm so afraid of being judged. there's already many people in the world who hate the term 'ddlg' , 'cgl', 'little', and other terms relating to the community, and if my friends don't know what it is, i would feel a little awkward explaining it to them. i want to feel peace when i come out and i want to be accepted but it's hard thinking that i could come out without being judged or looked at differently.
Aww... I understand completely... just, if you don’t think it’s safe to come out, don’t, ya know, if you can’t due to possible loss of housing/safety then don’t, but if you think that people will understand, go for it, and if they don’t, politely explain it somewhat like this, “I’m actually a little! I hope your okay with that! I’m just more childish than others, and I may come to other things for comfort, like a special blanket or a paci.. i hope that we can still be friends! I’m actually less stressed while little, it’s a real advantage for me!” Or something like that... yet it’s your decision.

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