Opening up about personal interest in diapers or bodily issues being faced that involve needing to wear diapers.
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We do love wearing our diapers!

They have become part of our daily routine, as we wear them fulltime aside from special exceptions.

We feel it is a genuinely babyish activity, as it expresses lack of control over our own body and dependency on external things (in this case, diapers) to make our lives more manageable and happy.

We also love that it gives our Mommy another reason to tend to us and another bonding opportunity.
I mean I'm a disabled person meaning I can't walk so like I already have to wear diapers so it being part of it little space wouldn't really be a problem for me. Since you know I already wear them but I do like the idea of wearing it as part of my regression. I kind of change so I can be really little like 6 but then I go up to like 10
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