Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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I wear pastel colors all around!
little or not I love pastel colors and cutesy clothes even on my masc days!
though sometimes if Im feeling UBER masc, I wear darker clothes because alot of my masc clothes are darker, but I still wear pastel if I find an uber masc outfit thats pastel cowored
but usually my gender expression is in the middle and I beleive clothes have no gender so I dont worry about dressing too femme or too masc, though if Im more on the masc side I avoid wearing dresses unless I have too, then I calls its a kilt!
but yeah I gots off topic cause Is fazing into wittle space alottt right now and I just normally get off topic and distracted and its doubled whens I regress lol
So alls arounds?
I always loves pastels!
little or not and no matter my expressions because loving pastel is just apart of me! :P
When I’m big, I usually wear the same things because of school (so I don't have to dress out in PE). Whether I’m big or little, I always love wearing my oversized blue sweater. It has an otter on it, hehe. Makes me feel smaller when I can’t regress at school/in front of others.
When I’m at home, I absolutely love wearing my cow onesie! Because I don’t have many colorful clothes it’s usually just the same whether I’m big or little.

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