Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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... what would you wish for?

Standard loopholes barred, such as wishing for infinite wishes.

Our personal wish would be to grant ourselves and our loved ones the ability to shapeshift. That way we can take our moo moo forms whenever we felt comfortable and so would our Mommy, maybe!
My one wish would be for me and my significant other to always be by each others side, no matter the obstacle.

We have both been through a lot in such a short time, and it will only get worse for us.
It's already been hard to make it this far, and it's daunting to know that was only the beginning...
I just want us to have strength, because I do not want to give up.
I do not want to lose him to challenges I know I could face with enough effort.
So i'm ready to give it my all.
I just hope we both can...

Tangled 😁😁

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