Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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I have 4 stuffies and a small paci. same my family wouldn't support me in having little gear. my mom tolerates me having any stuffies but my family always looks at me weird because I wont give them to my younger siblings to have.
Living with my parents, it’s hard to get away with purchasing littlegear. Some that I can easily get away with without raising red flags are stuffies and baby lotion. However, I’m absolutely ecstatic for the day where I can buy diapers, pacifiers, and baby bottles.
I have a lot of blankets and stuffed animals, but I want to get bottles, pacifiers, and even diapers. But, would it be a problem to use bottles and pacifiers with an overbite? (Btw I utterly refuse to get braces even if I'm forced to, which I might be)
We have built our small stash over the years! What we have:
  • About a dozen rompers for undershirts.
  • About a half dozen printed onesies.
  • Two actively uses pacifiers and about four pacifier buddies.
  • Constant supply of AB/DL diapers (specifically Bambino Magnifico).
  • Half dozen sets of pajamas (kigurumis included).
  • A baby dress, a pair of shortalls.
  • A few teething toys.
  • A diaper bag.
  • A very special rubber duck.
  • A very special blanket.
  • A very special plushie named Bah, as well as other plushies.
  • A crib mobile (currently not set up).
  • Bed railings (currently not set up).
  • A baby monitor (currently not set up).
  • Baby footwraps.
  • More clothing! Particularly complete outfits.
  • A complete nursery set (crib, high chair, change table, dresser).
  • Big baby gym.
  • Custom made music box for mobile.
  • A supply of cloth diapers to replace using disposable diapers.

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