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Absolutely understood.

It's your right as a parent to determine what is and is not something you want your child to use online. That being said, you are welcome to have them permanently delete their account on the site. The account will be instantly removed.

Please do know that TeenLittlespace does not collect personal data from any user. We do not know anybody's biological name, location, school, or any other personal detail. Anything that we find posted that looks like it may reveal too much of someone's identity or location is immediately removed by the admin and moderators here.

We have really tried to do our very best to keep safety in mind when it comes to the site interactions too. Please know that your child did not exchange private messages of any type on the TeenLittlespace site. That means you can see absolutely everything they ever posted on the site! There is nothing hidden from you at all. Even our group chat room is public and does not allow private message exchanges.

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