Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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Hi hi everyone!

Recently I noticed that many topics or conversations around here end up on "how do I hide my stuff?", so this topic is open for sharing tips and strategies on hiding little stuff at home, school, or whatever places you find necessary (or even buying stuff without people finding out)!

I know that hiding isn't the best thing to do, but unfortunately not everyone is able to come out about being a little, so I guess this is the best way we could find for being ourselves without judgements or rejections.

By the way, here's my tip! One of my stuffies has a rip on his back, which I use to keep my pacifier. The gap is closed by a safety pin, which is barely visible since Tedros (my stuffie) is pretty fluffy, so he covers the safety pin. I use this trick for around of 6 months and no one found about it yet, so I would consider as pretty effective, just be careful to not hurt yourself with the pin.

Which tricks do you guys use? Let's help each other!
I hide my stuff in a little makeup bag in my closet. I don't have a lot of stuff since I can't actually just go out and buy it without my parents noticing, but I've managed to hide two pacifiers and a collar, leash and ears (for kittenspace) for about two years. People think that they need to have a special hiding spot, but I just shove it back in my closet with a bunch of other discarded stuff and nobody goes back there except for me.

When you're hiding pacifiers, they're most likely going to get dirty wherever you put them. Both of my pacis have little plastic coverings that snap on so the nipple is safe when I'm not using it. If your pacis don't have those, I suggest putting them in a tupperware container. Also, wash your pacis often! Even if the only place they've been is in your mouth, a lot of bacteria can form on it, especially if you use your pacis when you're sick, like I do (I regress a lot when I'm sick and/or tired) So just at least run some water over them! Otherwise they'll taste all icky.

Get the pacis with coverings here: http://www.littleforbig.com/product/kit ... ifier-set/
This might be weird but I have a custom router and it’s very easy to open it up and hide things, but no one knows that it can besides me. For my diapers I hide them in my gaming chair. Their is a zip pouch on the back of the chair that is very unnoticeable. It can hide a lot of diapers safely. I got it from Ikea.
I hide my pacis in my back panel on the inside of my ita bag(small backpack with a decorative front), Im usually uber protective of my ita bag anyways so no one questions it, I always have the melanie excuse though
Thats what I used for my Sippy Cup, said it was because of the song by Melanie Martinez that made me want it
Thats always a good excuse if youre in a bind and in general ‘Melanie Martinez merch’
for stuffies, I cant say much on how to hide them because I flat out dont.
I bring them into the bed with me, I snuggle King all the time
I take my Korosensei plush almost everywhere and have started doing the same with King because his hugs are the bessst which is why he’s already become one of my main cuddle stuffies
I have a giant unicorn named Steve Jefferson on our bed mom joked saying she always wanted a steve when she was younger
Thing is
Ive always loved stuffies and toys
so mom just sees it as me which it is
With my bunnyears(I bunnyspace sometimes) Im a cosplayer and it was around easter
my bunny kazoo(Its so cute, it LOOKS like a bunny paci but its not a paci, its a kazoo it makes NOISE) I GOT for easter, mom has no idea why I love it so much and kept it so long xD
being a cosplayer things like bunny ears, cat ears, tails, though I dont got tails ;-; are easily explained away from me, sometimes I just get outfits for my littlespace even and say its for a pastel oc lol
So thats how I hide my littlegear :P

I think I already did this one but Im dumb so if I did Im doing it again xD :P
my stuffies are out bc my parents dont care or find it weird, especially since i have anxiety. as for my pacis and favorite little gear (notebook, colored pencils, small toys, etc), i have those in a bag with two zippers! i put a small lock on both sippers so that they cant be separated/opened <3

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