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So afew months ago I tried to introduce my boyfriend to DDLG because he had been acting very daddyish and also because in my previous relationship I introduced him to it and he loved it a lot and found out he was a switch! But seeing as I was only submissive he would not respect my boundaries and force me to dominate him which led to our break up but that’s not what I’m here for >~< but when I told him about it and explained it he kept saying how it was extremely weird and unnecessary and asked why would I want to act like a baby and I tried to explain it to him but he wouldn’t listen to me and told to never bring it up again so I offered to just do it on my own and he told me that was stupid and that we’re in a relationship for a don’t get me wrong he’s an amazing boyfriend and usually very understanding but not in that I dropped and every since then I try to avoid calling him daddy or any cgl nickname but recently I’ve been more and more interested in ddlg and I really really want a daddy but I don’t want to lose the relationship I have now and I know my boyfriend wouldn’t approve having a daddy while dating him and I’ve been very stressed out and wondering what I should do???? :crying: i :crying:
just try your best to explain to him why exactly you regress and how it helps you, maybe send some articles explaining it? i'm not entirely sure as i haven't told my boyfriend (or anyone) about it before
I would keep communicating to your partner and help point him toward resources so that you two can read about these things and "learn together".

When it comes to questions like, "Why would you want to act like a baby?" then the answer is very simple and should be basic, not something you need to get deeply into because it isn't a deep question.

"It's how I really, truly feel on the inside. It's a form of self-expression for me to be able to do things that reflect how I feel on the inside."

You cannot force someone to be a Daddy or any role within the community if that's not them but it's possible that they can discover this about themselves through reading reliable resources. Sometimes it just takes a person to read about what a Daddy does or the personality type for them to have the light bulb go off for them and they say, "Wait...I do that..." or, ", that sounds actually exactly how I feel!" Sometimes the label itself is what feels extreme.

So, speaking of labeling, maybe the word "Daddy" is also something that is tripping him up on fully being able to embrace these things. Some couples decide that "Daddy" isn't the right word they want to use so they switch to some other language or name they decide together feels more comfortable. It's something you can eventually talk about.

Lastly, I just want to say that you do not NEED to have a Caregiver or a Daddy to have fulfilling experiences as a little. You do not NEED to have someone around to be able to really, truly feel fully little and regressed. Realistically, a parent is not as interactive toward a child when the child is, well, being a child and becoming engrossed in activities like playing pretend, watching cartoons, or coloring. A lot of parenting is very much passive, including a lot of passive participation where the parent is simply physically present but not actually interacting. What I'm trying to say is...whatever you think you're missing out on? You're probably not, and getting caught up in the idea that you need more, you need someone to do this and that, is not only going to tear your relationship apart but, ultimately, cause you a lot of depression and issues with future relationships as you grow.

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