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I recently got myself a paci that I love (but can’t use because I have an extra tooth that never came out and we can’t get rid of it because I don’t have a dentist, but that’s beside the point) and now I’ve been thinking of other little gear. As much as I need to hide it, I still want it.
So my question is, is there a certain kind of sippy cup that you like to use?
For me, I like sippycups with squishy tops, theyre super soothing to drink from, Ive got a camelback sippy with butterflies and a squish top and its my lifeeee
I also want a sippy with the handles on the sides cause holding drinks with two hands helps me feel more regressed, but thats the type of sippys I like
That sounds like a good sippy cup hehe I think I might consider it when looking for one! ty
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