Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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i have currently 4 different pacis
a huge pile of stuffies
3 fluffy onesie
1 littleforbig onesie
2 teething toys
1 sippy cup
it has been accumulated over the course of 2 years tho 😅 pacis have come in and out. but rn i want a bottle
CoyoteDreemurr wrote: 9 months ago I have a lot of blankets and stuffed animals, but I want to get bottles, pacifiers, and even diapers. But, would it be a problem to use bottles and pacifiers with an overbite? (Btw I utterly refuse to get braces even if I'm forced to, which I might be)
hi! i dont believe it would be, as long as you get possibly the smaller sized ones, good luck
I have:
Stuffie - spider-man, captain america, a pillow pet named buzz, Jorge the dino, Scrapy the dog
Clothes - pretty simple a couple print shirts the hoodies
Toys - Legos, couple coloring books, crayons, handful of hot wheelies that i love, some army men, a couple other small things
Misc - Blankie, a big pop up dino tent fort that fits in my room, Elmo movies on DVD, Disney and nick shows on DVD, Batman cup, a few video games
I want:
-more toy cars like a dump truck
- a big blanket with dinos or space theme
- some Disney movies
- some hoodies with like space themes or dinos
- anything dino or space themed
Skull Blanket, a Broken Paci ): , Nugget The Dino, Plado The Dog, a BIIIIG fluffy dogdog stuffy, themed T-shirts, Legos, coloring books, crayons, Disney movies, themed cups, sippy cups

More stuffiesss, a non-broken paci, glow stars for my ceiling, a bottle, teethers, themed shortalls, more outfits

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