Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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here are the songs that makes me happy and safe when im in little space. i hope they make you feel the same way as they make me feel ^___^ (most of the songs are korean but i promise that you wont regret listenin to em!!!)

[korean] some - bolbbalgan4
[korean] double trouble couple - mamamoo
[korean] luv highway - eyedi
[english] that's so us - allie x
[english] would you be so kind - dodie
[english] honey - kehlani
[korean] dlwlrma - iu
[korean] jelly - jeon soyeon
[korean] love maze - bts
[korean] waggy - mamamoo
[english] pizza - oohyo

i hope you listen to them and like it! for me, my all time favorite is Waggy by Mamamoo because it's a song about dogs!!!
Scenery (V)
Promise (Jimin)
Meteor Shower (Cavetown)
Spring Day (BTS)
Magic Shop (BTS)
Euphoria (BTS-Jungkook)
I know (Rm and Jungkook)
But I'm adding onto it everyday :)
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Wittle ^~^

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