Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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i'm really struggling in slipping into little space and i keep getting really close, but just when i'm about to slip i can't. it's really frustrating me and i can't figure out why.

any advice would be really appreciated!!
My favorite things to do are put on some of my favorite clothes to wear when little, grab some of my stuffies, wrap up in a big soft blanket and watch some cartoons when I want to feel little :)
Hm... emerge yourself into it. Dress cute and little, surround yourself with stuffies, and things that make you feel little, watch little shows, like cartoons, stations I recommend are PBS kids, Disney Junior, Nick Jr, Universal Kids During the day they play little shows. like Barney, Caillou, Floogals, Masha and Bear, etc. for older littles, I recommend Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, Maybe Cartoon Network. Play with your stuffies, but the thing that always works for me is reading a book to an audience of stuffies, I really recommend that. As I said emerge yourself into little space... maybe take a bubble bath and play with childish bathtoys, and ALOT of bubble bath also. Just try to be as little as possible.

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