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Okay then sweet pea(Just a nickname I use for all kids ik little or not sorry if it makes you uncomfy) tell me about your favorite stuffie! what animal are they? whats their name? whatre they like?
Aw thats great! Tell you what, I bet he really misses you right now and is super worried about you, if you cant hug him in person how about you send an imaginary hug to him? Hug yourself real tight and imagine how it feels to have him in your arms, and he’ll get the hug wherever he is and send one right back! Can you do that for him sweet pea?
Good job! Im really proud of you sweet pea, and Im sure he is too, he’s sending hugs back to you to help you feel better! Remember youve always got his support no matter where you are and mine too!
What are some songs that make you feel little?

Disney songs are good forgetting into littlespace,[…]

Talking to daddy

Thanks :)


What kind of sippy cups do you like?

np I hope you find and get a good one!