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Okay so Im defanitely a switch
as Ive said always have been
I do go into littlespace for a fact
And I do enjoy taking on the role of cg at times for a fact
Im not mistaken
I understand this is rare
this IS me
Id like to clarify, my personality is definately more...wildly ranged then others, I change up how I act alot, I do have set morals, but not a set way I act cause I get bored being one way, and find more interest in the unpredictable

Heres how I like to explain it, Im normally a pretty chilled out and matured person, naturally mature for my age, but sometimes, I act more mature and take care of others because I like to, it makes me feel helpful, needed, I have a need to protect.


I also naturally have interests that are very childish, due to my wild range of interests, and I have little fidgets that seem childish, and Ill do certain things that are childish, I also littlespace, I regress to the age of a child, I use my pacis and sippys, hug and play with my stuffies, and I talk and act like a child, usually my regression is from 4-6
(but sometimes I go as young as two [If Im uber deep in littlespace]or as old as 8, these ages are only OCCASIONAL)
I regress when having bad memories, terrible depression , terrible anxiety, stress and harmful thoughts because I feel vulnerable and need to be protected, and I feel its easier to regress to a younger age at these times, being little also just generally helps take the edge off

dont get me wrong, I dont only littlespace when things are bad, sometimes I littlespace for fun, or because I want to/feel like it, or even when feeling nostalgic

sometimes Im more one than the other depending on the circumstances, like recently Ive been super little because I havent been for a while because I was in a relationship where I had to be cg all the time(which helpful tip for fellow switches, sometimes, if youre like me at least, you cant be with someone that makes you be one even if you really like them, its not healthy or fair to you, you cant force them to change but you cant change for them, its better you be with another switch)

but usually I switch pretty easily between the two depending on how I feel

I cant just be one

Im both

Im still figuring myself out so maybe one day Ill wake up and find I feel like just a little
but right now thats not what I feel

but this is me, are their any other switches out there? How do you feel as a switch, are there things in here you relate to? Things that arent here that apply to just how YOU feel as a switch? lmk Id love some feedback!

(Ps: if youre comfy with your partner not cging for you as long as youre aloud to regress still[like you feel particularily fine without a cg as long as you get to have time to be little] thats chill too!)

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