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Hey! Im an Empath
which means Im not only very understanding of others emotions, but I can feel the different energy a person gives off positive or negative, Im able to literally FEEL the emotions of the people who surround me(please note, this doesnt mean I automatically know WHY they feel that way[Sometimes I have trouble identifying when its anothers energy(emotion) thats affecting me, but Im getting better at identifying that!] but its easy to understand why when they tell me) though I prefer to use ‘energy’ more than emotion because I feel it explains it better to me.
Ive always known this somewhat about me, but Ive only recently started trying to manage it better, such as trying to identify my own feelings and the feelings caused by the emotions I feel that are a result of me feeling someone elses, and how to control manage how it affects me better, so I can help more
its important I do this because I myself have quite a few mental issues that already make me more sensitive than usual. Are there any other empaths on this site that have tips that could help me manage this?

Could I do somethingswith my littlespace that could work into helping manage it?

Either way any form of tips on how to manage it would be muuuuch appreciated! Id also love to meet fellow empaths in this community, itd help me feel not so alone!
I'm also an empath and I understand how hard it can be to manage the energies going around. What I do is meditate (I know it sounds silly) but it really helps! I keep a journal next to me so that while I'm meditating I can jot down how my energies feel to me! My focusing in on how my own energies feel I can differentiate other's energies! It takes a while to get a strong handle on how your energies and emotions flow, but it does work! For me, I've been doing it for a while and I've gotten so good at it that in little space I don't even need to try. My energies and emotions are a lot stronger in space that I know how I'm doing.

I really hope this helps!

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