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...So, here I am!
Heya guys, I'm DollyBlue, but just Blue is preferred.
Since I'm socially awkward and have no other ideas, here's the basics about me:
I have some pretty bad speech impediments as a little (a stutter and a lisp) and whenever else I'm stressed, so I can't hide ANYTHING.
I am not only an age regressor, but I also 'regress' into the headspace of a prey animal sometimes. (I use a rabbit, for ease of explanation)
A lot of people tell me I'm like a child or a bunny! Even as big me I apparently am quite childish and I twitch my nose when I get upset.
As big me, I'm a workaholic and have severe anxiety.
I have a tiny hamster plush, Bean, who comes everywhere with me!
And finally, I don't have any little stuff, even though my parents know about little space. (They think it's a joke, much like me questioning my gender identity)
And that's all, really! I hope we can be friends!

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