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I was sexually abused since I was 11 and it only stopped this past year when someone noticed how messed up I was and got me to tell them what was happening. But because of this I’m really messed up. I’ve always had depression, and my ptsd and anxiety aren’t as bad as they used to be but that’s not all. When someone gets to close I can get very scared. If you touch me without warning I may freak out. I don’t know when I can do the special stuff (if you know what I mean) anymore, even tho I think I want to. I get scared really easily and I cry a lot. I’m just really messed up. Could anybody ever want a little like me? Because even though I know I can do this by myself, I definitely feel the need for someone to take care of me. I just don’t know what to do.
Aww no!
Nobody is 'messed up' if they need a little more help to open up and trust again! Really and truly, it's a way of coping just like being little - you just have to find someone to support you through it.
Yes, most of us have these kinds of thoughts when we're at our lowest, but most CGs will understand that littles, due to the nature of how we're seen, will have emotional baggage. It's okay! Nobody wants a robot, (cuddles wouldn't be nearly as nice!) a good CG will understand and try and help you.
For now, we're all here. There's a whole community that will try and help, but if you ever feel you need to talk one on one, I'm avaliable. Any one of us would be happy to listen, I'm sure.
Hey sweet little peapod! I just want you to know, it is NOT youre fault you have these issues and disorders, it is NOT your fault you were hurt so badly[that is your abusers fault and I hope they suffer]
And you are NOT messed up, youre just hurting, and thats completely okay sweetie, this doesnt define you. You are a sweet, funny, beautiful, friendly, unique and interesting little baby, youre a good friend to people youve even just met, and any caregiver would love to have you, theyd be lucky to have you. You deserve a caregiver that will love and take care of you no matter what, and I promise you one day youll find a caregiver that will treat you right, care for you, protect you, and HELP you through those issues because theyre going to love you because that is what you deserved. You are such an adorable little sweetpea, Im sure plenty of caregivers will want you, theyd be crazy not too, you deserve the very best though!

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