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By DollyBlue
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So, I came out to my parents a while back about my regression (they've sort of known for a long time anyway) but my mother especially just dosent seem to take it seriously, I think she thinks it's a joke or something. It's not nice for me in and out of little space because I'm just so stressed around her.
Which then leads into me needing to relax and be little more.
Can you see the issue? :bored:
She also doesn't see me as a functioning person anymore. I suppose that may be true whilst in little space, but I'm still perfectly responsible when in big space. I've explained all of this multiple times but she's just so cold about these things.
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By xBB
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Well I mean, maybe if you further introduce the concept to her, she'll get a better understanding? My situation is similar (kinda). So, I age regress for trauma coping and comfort reasons, regarding mental health and such. When my parents basically found out (catching me in littlespace, with diapers) they had a lot of questions and complaints. My dad constantly argued that it wasn't needed and that I was fully functional (from a in/continence point of view) and that there were other, more reasonable coping mechanisms that could be used. I don't think he understands that this is also a valid way of coping in a sense of like, reliving your childhood, and just the feeling of being loved and taken cared of by someone you can trust and rely on. That's something I crave personally and using that as a coping mechanism has done wonders for my mental state and overall health.
As far as your mom being cold, maybe you should try easing her into the idea instead of pressing it in on her whenever she complains about it. And if she's constantly stressing you out, (I'm not sure if your parents trust you home alone or whatever) but if you can, take some time for yourself when you have a chance at privacy, or if you have a friend/cg that could help you out over the phone or over text, that could work? All in all, if she's not willing to accept the idea, you might just have to wait to pursue this lifestyle moving out (sorry to say :/) Just make sure to let her know that you'd appreciate if she'd respect your boundaries and vise versa, to avoid future tensions or awkward situations.
I have always seen little space as a coping method and therefore have not seen it as just a simple lifestyle out of that... It's a HUGE part of my life to my Daddy and I but haven't told my family due to their reactions to finding out about the "k!nk" online. That being DDLG/DDLB or how they've described it the pedo k!nk, that being said things to avoid when telling family making them research it themselves . Showing them examples could help, I'm talking about my stand point on when I explained things to my Daddy. Some people can't handle the idea of littlespace, usually if it's more intense (diapers, bottles, etc), I think it's because it's more babyish rather than childish. Try explaining it helps you and why it benefits you, show them it's not as uncommon as they think. It may backfire depending on how protective your parents are, like the result could be getting grounded and no internet access so all littles reading this be careful. I like being realistic and blunt, it's not very sugar coated but you need to know the risks your taking and how to avoid heartbreak/disappointment. I think wanting to sure this part of yourself is wonderful but doing so when you do not already have a supportive family in other aspects of your life isn't a smart idea. If they aren't supportive of your life choices why would they support a lifestyle that many people judge and refuse to understand? You can try but many people will remain stubborn, my best friend doesn't know I'm a little and I hide it from her due to her thoughts on the community has a whole. I want you to be careful has to who you tell and how you explain this to people.

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