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By DollyBlue
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So, I came out to my parents a while back about my regression (they've sort of known for a long time anyway) but my mother especially just dosent seem to take it seriously, I think she thinks it's a joke or something. It's not nice for me in and out of little space because I'm just so stressed around her.
Which then leads into me needing to relax and be little more.
Can you see the issue? :bored:
She also doesn't see me as a functioning person anymore. I suppose that may be true whilst in little space, but I'm still perfectly responsible when in big space. I've explained all of this multiple times but she's just so cold about these things.
What are some songs that make you feel little?

Disney songs are good forgetting into littlespace,[…]

Talking to daddy

Thanks :)


What kind of sippy cups do you like?

np I hope you find and get a good one!