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Heyo I guess its pretty obvious but I thought Id share Im not exactly straight
I like girls
and guys
people who identifies as all of the above or none of the above
All people are cute sure
But my romantic attraction depends on the persons personality
if theyre rude
I wont be attracted to them romantically
Ill admit theyre cute if theyre cute, but I wont develope any romantic attraction towards them
but I mean who would?

Also Im genderfluid
I feel Im in the middle on the gender expression scale
sometimes I feel more masc
more femme(rarely seeing as that was my birth and Im required to express it more)
I dont exactly let barely anyone know it due to fear of friends leaving me
and thats why Im terrified to explore any deeper into my gender

but yeah thats my sexuality and gender expression explained
for now, Im still figuring myself out, and thats fine, sometimes its hard for me to remember this, but Im going to say this out here for everyone whos questioning

Its okay to not be sure of your sexuality or gender identity, its okay to figure yourself out, there might be trial and error, you might think youre one thing now and figure out later youre not
that is completely okay
at this age we’re supposed to be figuring ourselves out, you dont have to know what you are right away, or beat yourself up over realizing you were wrong, its okay, whats important is that in the end youll know who you are one day, and youre learning as you go, so I wish all my fellow lgbtq+ in this community luck!
What you describe as your sexuality is usually identified by using the term demisexual. It's used in that way meaning you've gotten close enough to the person to know their personality and that you develop romantic feelings and attraction to them after that point, often regardless of their gender identity.
But it's also okay if you don't want to use any term. You can just be you and explain your attraction to people as it becomes relevant to those individuals. You don't need to define yourself by labels.

Still though, keep in mind that a lot of these things, such as sexuality or even your own gender identity, is not a black or white situation. It is often on scale where there are "exceptions" to your typical responses. It's very rare that a person is strictly, firmly one way without any fluctuations or exceptions, ever. So, it's okay if you find yourself experiencing something different and it doesn't necessarily mean you need to change your identifying label or re-evaluate everything about yourself.
We are such complex beings and that's really okay.

You are very right in saying that it's okay to not know the firm answers to a thing such as your own sexuality, and it's also okay if these things change in time. There is never a "wrong"--we are ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-developing creatures and, so, many things about us changes as we learn more about life. There's not a time limit on these things either so if you don't know by the time you're 18, 21, 25, or even older then it's still okay.
I completely agree with all that! Thats what I was trying to get across, but you worded it much better lol,
it takes time to figure ones self out, I know it took time for me and sometimes Im still figuring out unique things about how my sexuality and gender identity works, I still am learning knew things about myself and have much to learn
And I did know Im demisexual, its not nessacarily that I dont like labels(Though Ill admit Im not a fan of them most the time), its just I preferred to just define it instead incase someone had no idea what demisexual meant, I probably should have clarified that it was called demisexual though xD

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