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By BabyBun
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Though I haven't fully regressed a lot, and trying to find things that can help with that, something happened and it has made me... insecure, I suppose, about talking to the people I usually do when I start feeling little; and then that grew into not wanting to allow myself to feel little at all. :x

I know that for everyone it's different, but I heard that suppressing for too long can be really harmful..

How long can a little suppress their tendencies before it starts to become unhealthy?
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By Admin
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It is not traumatic, damaging, or harmful to not experience a deeply regressive episode or intentionally suppress deeper regression. Please don't concern yourself with that misunderstanding because being a little is a part of your personality and is not a necessary therapeutic action. Remember that just because something feels therapeutic it does not mean it is actual therapy or can stand in place of scientifically proven methods of therapy. Littlespace, or active regression, is not a form of therapy, and subduing your own personality traits so that you can function in a setting where that trait is inappropriate is not causing you damage or trauma. Perhaps it can cause some additional stress, which should be managed in various ways and not in just one single form, but there is no real damage or long-term effects of repressing your regression. It's like choosing to be quiet in a situation where only whispers are permitted--you still have a voice but choosing to not use it for some time isn't going to cause you any actual damage.

Since being a regressor is a personality trait then it's just like any other personality trait, and it's healthy and normal for us to develop a sense of knowing when it's appropriate to suppress these points about ourselves. Psychologically, we should learn how to do this and be practicing it as a part of nearly everyday interactions with other people. For example, when you meet a new potential friend you might act more calm than you do when you interact with your more established friendships. When you try to get a job maybe you act more mature than you would around your family. It doesn't mean that suppressing your more carefree points of your personality is harmful. It just means you understand that some social interactions require you to be a different sort of way. Not being able to "let loose" might become somewhat stressful, but, again, you should seek other ways of relaxing and reducing stress too. You should not be relying on one type of de-stressing activity to fulfill that human need.

Saying that a little must experience a separated regressive time period makes no sense and makes it sound like being a little is a voluntary choice and not a part of who someone is. It also makes no sense to put pressure on a little and say that their only valid way to relieve stress is through regression. That's massively unhealthy for a person's mental wellness, to say the least.

Ultimately, you don't need to ever experience some sort of dedicated, deep regressive episode--and many, many, many littles don't ever do something like "go to littlespace" or "regress". Many littles just are little, and have small regressive things about themselves and their interactions scattered throughout their everyday personalities, everyday lives, without even sometimes realizing what they're doing is atypical for their biological age. Those people may never even realize there is a label for their personality difference, and may just often be told by others that they're just naturally bubbly or quirky, or that they seem to always have childlike wonder or such. Many littles do not "experience" regression as a separate time.

1. Regression or "littlespace" is not therapy. It may feel therapeutic for some people when they fully express themselves but it is not actual therapy and cannot substitute therapy.
Please see a counselor or therapist if you need help with managing stress, past trauma, or coping with a current situation. Regression is not going to magically do that for you or anyone. There is nothing shameful about needing a little assistance in life. Anyone who says that regression is so massively therapeutic for them and that it resolves all of their life problems is fooling themselves. Even actual regression therapy is considered to be psuedoscience and has been proven to be ineffective in terms of resolving mental health conditions, disorders, stressors, and issues.

2. A heavy regressive experience does not "make everything go away". You do not become someone else, and you do not forget what exists. You still have full awareness around you and you should. This is not a mental disorder. This is a rare personality trait. The expression of that personality trait is commonly referred to as "regressing" or "littlespace" within the community. It just means you are actively displaying your trait externally, and that can be personally fulfilling but it should not be resolving issues that are real in your life. Regression is not medication, is not therapy even if it feels therapeutic, and is not a cure for real life problems. So, even when actively regressing your stressful issues are not going away, and, just like drug abuse, you should not be trying to look for an escape from having to deal with life. Regressing doesn't magically make all your problems disappear and believing it will is only going to result in some seriously negative consequences for yourself.

My suggestion here would be:

  • Explore various ways of relieving stress in your personal life. Search Google for some ideas of general stress relief and try them out in your day to day life and see how some of them make you feel.
  • Talk with someone about your concerns, worries, stress, and general problems. A good counselor or therapist is probably best since they can professionally help you work through things and have an educated background on psychology and mental welfare. Bottling your thoughts up isn't helpful though, and that is something that has been scientifically proven time and time again.
  • Make private time regularly for yourself to allow yourself to feel extra regressed if that's what naturally comes of the moment. If you don't fall into a deeper regression then that's okay. If you do become more regressed then that's okay. Set yourself up to just have a relaxing time and enjoy the moment, whatever that moment brings. This comes back to the first point though in seeking ways to reduce personal stress in your life though so don't get all worked up about having not experienced something you had wanted to experience.
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By BabyBun
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This was thankfully really helpful, and actually explains some unspoken questions I've had. Thank you for your time and understanding :hearts:

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