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Hello hello!

I noticed I wasn't like the other teenagers at the beginning of high school (almost 3 years ago), but only found about the community on the last year, so I've been an official little since october!
I act more childish then my peers. So i was on (no external contact methods allowed) and i found a ddlg story. So i started to research about it and i realized that i was a little. Ive been a official little for a year now ;-)
I'm in a relationship with a little and a caregiver and ever since I one of my boyfriends told me he was a little I started thinking about what that really means. It was today i had the specific "ahah" moment where i realized I'm a little. I've been thinking about it for a while but I always pushed it away because I know my family would go crazy if they knew and i didn't want this part of me to come to light. I was laying in my bed and its cold in my room so I wrapped myself up in a blanket baritto and pouted and I came to terms with the fact that yeah, im in little space.

Tangled 😁😁

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