Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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TLDR; What are some things that you do that would make you different from most littles?

I am an unorthodox regressor.
Not to say that there is a "normal" when it comes to littlespace, but there is a mainstream theme I often see in littles, whether we all like it or not.
Pastels and unicorns, space and dinosaurs. Watches cartoons often and talks in a baby voice.
It's more in depth then that, but by this alone you should know what i'm talking about.
Now, there is nothing wrong with this.
I just find that I myself don't fit this ideology.
I'm not the kind of little that often leaps at the opportunity for something pink, or watches cartoons when i'm regressed.
I used to call myself a "bad" little because I just didn't do what everyone else did.
I was invalided as a little simply because I didn't act like everyone else.
But I soon came to find that there is a whole mass of littles that are just like me.
Unorthodox, divergent of whats normally the stigma of being little.
What are some things that you do that would make you different from most littles?

I'd like to make some friends with some of you, if you're out there ^u^
That's awesome~!!!
What do you do in littlespace that makes you different from the norm?
One of my main things is that I don't really like watching cartoons that much.
Shows like Hannibal and Sherlock Holmes actually make me go into littlespace and it's really weird xD
Honestly, just doing "grown up" things that I really enjoy makes me regress sometimes.
I tend to get small a lot in science class, simply because I enjoy it so much!

Tangled 😁😁

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