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So, I get into littlespace pretty often, but I don't have anything other than big girl coloring books and my stuffies. I don't want my parents or ANYONE to know about my little side yet. Other people have just ordered online and say it's my package, but I can't do that for 2 reasons; my family is very close, we don't keep secrets so my parents would be very suspicious if I didn't tell them what was in it, and I currently don't have a car or drivers license. Not being able to drive myself, I can't buy stuff at stores without anyone knowing either. Any Ideas?? I needs help please. :crying:
Get a fluffy blanket, It can be regular solid colors to draw away suspicion. Also you can print coloring pages off the internet and throw them away afterwords.
Some random ideas for more specific items would be. ...
If you have any nieces or nephews buy something for them and something for youself but, say its for them. If you celebrate Christmas it's a good time to do it.
Another Idea is if any of your friends know you could ship it to them then go pick it up from them.

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