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Hello, my names josh but online I like Vatan. I iz 17 but I like to act like a 5-7 year old at time, iz can be very shy around new people and get very nervous easily and when I do iz become vewy quiet. Iz like to play games online and hand out wiff my fwiends who are like me. Iz here to fine a place where I can be myself without getting made fun of. Iz like to do lots of different things from gaming to writing to drawing (iz not vewy good drawer). I find that when I can be myself I can really express myself and deal with stress and all dis stuff a lot easier. Iz hope chu all want to be fwiend as well. *waves nervously*
Haiya dere Vatananan! I is Kole! I is 16 but my wegression age is 4. I am quite shy too but online im super duper not. I wuuuv dwawing and I game here and dere too. You can soooo be chur self on here! We all will support chus! I hopes i can be chur fwen! *Waves back, happily*

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