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By Kolestea
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Hewwo, I'm Kole! I am transgender, female to male. Though I like to refer myself as just male. I'm not a new little but I am new to this site. I hope I can make frens! I am open to LGBTQ+, furries, oc's, and any type of communities!

I'm 16. I like to draw, sing, play hockey, and play instruments. I love to watch anime and shows like Shameless, The Office, and others like that. I love alternative rock and aesthetic music, such as Twenty One Pilots, Jack Stauber, and others with the same genera.

My regression age is 4. I like to colour, play with stuffies, watch cartoons and animated movies. My favorite cartoons are Pocoyo and Miraculous Ladybug! I loooove Melanie Martinez and Cavetown. I also enjoy goldfish a lot. That is my go to snack.

I figured out that I was part of this community from research. I have always been a kiddish boy, still attached to toys, plushies, and cartoons. I still like to have a pacifier and a blanket. I usually feel most little when I'm in a safe or comfortable place, like when i'm home alone or in my bedroom.

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