Opening up about personal interest in diapers or bodily issues being faced that involve needing to wear diapers.
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Hello there! Recently I’ve been thinking about wearing diapers, I’m 13… a tbdl, and a little. I can regress to around 0-11 months when I feel small enough, but usually and my little age is 1-4, I found some disposable, adult diapers in my house, oddly enough, yet they aren’t cute or designed, just a plain white and purple... there are two packs! I wore one last night, But I’m sort of scared, because I share a bathroom… and If someone finds out, they would flip! I wanna wear diapers but I don’t wanna get caught and then get in trouble… diapers are the only things that make me regress to baby age, and I love that feeling! I don’t go in them though, it’s rare... I prefer the potty for that! Wearing diapers just reminds me of my childhood, for comfort... :) and it’s a possibility that when you’re regressed to that young of an age, you are very prone to accidents! So it’s also a precaution! That’s why I put one more on over the first just because, the diaper itself is flimsy and couldn’t really be able to hold enough wetness to get through a night, or just whenever I wet without leaking. But I need some advice please! About what to do with the diapers, yet soon I won’t share a bathroom, and then maybe I can start using them as I want.
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By lilkiddo
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If you're worried about anyone finding out, I'd probably wait until you don't share a bathroom! if you feel able to, of course!

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