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By spacegayy
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hi! i'm evie, i'm 14, i think my little age is 4ish (i would say 5, but i use pacifiers so idk)
i have a few pacis and a weird sippy cup / bottle hybrid that i found at the dollar tree one time
my family doesn't know, but my stuff is easy to hide because i have a bunch of baby dolls (i used to collect) and i used to buy at least one thing for them nearly every time i left the house
also i generally have always liked childish stuff like stuffed animals and coloring, so it's pretty much normal behavior for me

i like rain, makeup, plants, stuffies & pacis (Obviously), dolls, pastel stuff, scented candles

fun facts:
i've never been able to sleep without a stuffie
i want a person-sized teddy bear
sorry girls, my cactus is the love of my life
i have 2 dogs
i love cats, not to the point where i would want my own cat, but i will happily love on other people's cats
i want a bird someday
i love sanrio characters (pompompurin, cinnamoroll, and my melody specifically) and gudetama
i have like 150 ocs (haven't counted in a while)
i have a horrible memory (i can remember what happened at my 5th birthday party but not what i did last week), i'm bad with dates, and sometimes i remember names but not who the names are
music is the only reason i'm still alive tbh
i look older than i am (mainly because of how i dress)
i wear mostly black, pastel, rainbows, and flannel
hot topic is my second home
i have a classmate who's a little but i'm not good at starting conversations and she doesn't really notice me so we've never really talked
also i'm gay, in case you couldn't tell lol

lookin forward to knowing you guys!! :)
Hoi! I'm Coyote and I'm also 14! I share some common interests with you, it seems...

I have a dog. Her name is Lexi!
I want a bird.
I like Sanrio's Hello Kitty. She's so cute!
I have a furry OC. I am furry trash. I should make more OCs.
Music is my life. I make it too! FL Studio and my Launchpad are my buddies!
I sometimes look older than I am, but most other times younger.
I'm probably bi.
Hi! im kana and we have a ton in common! i have 4 dogs! and a bird. i have a ton of oc's too! im also gay and i have a gf! so i hope we can be friends!

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