Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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I'm 14 and I go into little space quite often but it gets hard because I don't have much to help me get into it. I have crackers and kids food as well as stuffies but my parents are very strict and they don't know I'm a little os if I start asking for little clothes and stuff they'll get upset. Any tips? Pwease?
It's the same with me. Usually, I watch kids shows and take a bath, and that gets me right into littlespace. Also, playing Pokemon, at least for me, works really well. Once you get into littlespace, try making a blanket fort! It's so much fun, and easy to pass off in case your parents walk in.
Somthing that I'm finding helpful is a Japanese fashion called Fairy Kei. It's full of pastels and skirts. I get most of my stuff from Hot Topic such as a pastel pusheen skirt. If you check it out and start to show an interest then your parents might allow it to pass. At least thats if pastels and skirts are what help you regress. My dad is super strict, but since i slowly introduced it he dosent have that much of a problem with it. Just slowly introduce it. Like wear a hello kitty shirt a lot. (Like once per week or after school for one week)

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