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I thought I knew for sure I was bi. Now, I'm unsure and I need to find out. It seems to depend on my mood. Sometimes I want guys, other times I want girls. Now I don't seem to want anybody...
i understand you, i have many friends that are exactly like most likely means you like relationships with both boys and girls but like you said it depends on your mood and that is completely will find the perfect person for you in time keep your head up and stay strong!
I've been in two relationships. Both were with guys. I didn't seem to enjoy either. The first one I was only in because I didn't want to break his heart by saying no. The other one, we really liked each other, but then I found out how much of a jerk he can be. Now, I just want to be alone and single, even though I kinda like somebody.
I get it. I used to think someting was wrong with me cos I liked boys, but I couldnt help but look at girls. I thought it was wrong. One day, I found some ¨magazines¨ hidden in my Dad´s drawer and I felt this strong feeling. Little did I know, that was sexual attraction. I didnt know what it was at the time because I was too young to understand. I thought physical love was for reproduction only. The way I learned to accept myself was finding other people in the same situation, and they helped me find out who I was, and I had my first girlfriend in 7th grade. If you dont know what youre into, thats okay. There are many ways to explore and discover yourself. Obviously, you can date someone, but if you dont want to commit right away, fantasizing can help. If you like the fantasy, then you would probably like it in real life. Coming out of the closet is a huge step that anyone can take, and not everyone is lucky enough to have a support system. Im here if you need me, though. Just remember to take your time to really connect with yourself.

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