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First off I'm sorry if I'm posting this to the wrong forum but it's my first day here and I really need advice. A couple days ago I told my friend I was a little, she was very understanding about it and very kind. It sounds great but for the last couple of days she's been treating me weirdly doing stuff such as getting papers for me in French and talking to me like I don't understand the subjects in class. This might just be a coincidence but I really hope she's not treating me like this because she found out. If that is the case I know she only wants to help but it kind of hurts because she promised to not treat me differently. on an unrelated (kind of) note I've also been having nightmares of her telling everyone that I'm a little I know she would never do this and I trust her with my life but I'm loosing sleep over it and I don't know what to do.
:P I understand the feeling i recently just came out to a friend as well and the weirdest thing is now that she knows i fear her telling everyone... I know you share the same feelings. What i did was tell her about my fear even if she may not be acting differently towards you and it's just coincidence. Being honest about a fear is okay letting them know gave me a small sense of calm because they took the situation a little more into heart. Even reassuring me that they wouldn't tell. If you really believe she might tell... Tell her how you feel so she can grasp your feelings. Peace love and applesauce .... Stay little my friend rooting for you :heart:

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