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I'm afraid to...
like, just two people know my " little side ", but They are my best friend.

before tell them that I am a little I made some questions to investigate about that, when I was sure that I could trust them... I did it.
( it wasn't easy but now I feel better )
I hope you can do it, if you have any question or you don't understand me please say it
I think, honestly, if they base their entire opinion of you on one aspect of your personality that you chose not to share with them previously... they maybe don't deserve you as a friend. However, not everyone is like that at all!

You could try...
- asking them if they've heard of (cglre, regression, insert term here), and just seeing what they think--or if they've even heard of it!
- subtly letting yourself be more 'little' around them without explicitly saying that's what you're doing, and seeing how they act around it. For instance, carrying a stuffie around with you, or pointing out things that kiddos are usually a fan of... kids shows, if you like them!
- Giving them a coloring book page or a cute hand-beaded bracelet. Chances are they'll at least think it was super sweet of you to give them something, and if they don't... drop 'em. You're worth the world and a half, you adorable, beautiful lil person!

If their response seems pretty positive, or if they're curious without being negative, then just give them what you feel comfortable with sharing. If they're a true friend, they'll likely accept you for who you are. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a little, and there are lots of people out there who would be sooo supportive with even the slightest bit of education and care.

Hope this helps!
So, maybe you don't need to just suddenly come out of them all at once.

I think maybe before coming out to someone directly by saying a label applies to you it might be best to expose them to this part of yourself in smaller ways. As in, gradually showing them a small bit of your regression here and there, very casually, so that they will understand it to be your "normal".

What I mean is, if a friend comes up to you and you've always known this friend to be male and present entirely masculine and they say, "I want you to start calling me Jessica from now on. I'm a girl," your first instinct is likely to ask, "Why?" "Why now?" or even, "What changed?" Maybe all of a sudden you feel like this friend hid something very important from you and you want to know why they didn't tell you sooner. It's just a lot of messy questions that has to be dealt with and maybe we can reduce those questions popping up if we approach it more gradually.

So, maybe if that friend had slowly let you see that they liked more feminine things and did things more "girly" even then their reveal would "make more sense" to you. If something just "makes sense" then you've already known the information! You're just learning that there is a label to associate that difference. It doesn't feel like someone has lied to you or has kept a secret from you--it just seems like you didn't know the word for how they are a bit different than typical.

"Oooh, so that's what you call it! That makes sense!" is so much easier than, "Wait...what?! Why didn't you let me know?! When did this start happening?! Do I even know who you are at all?!"

So, maybe start bringing a coloring book to school every Friday and use it during freetime. Maybe have a plushie keychain or two clipped to your bag. Maybe talk about your favorite cartoons from time time or show them how much you're looking forward to a new Disney movie that might be coming out soon. A little sprinkle here and there of your childlike trait will help them accept you gradually than force them into it all at once.

Then when you feel it's time to put the label out there they can feel like it all makes sense. Or, hey, maybe you won't even need to use the label since they've already be passively accepting your personality anyway at that point. :)

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